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Let's talk about Downtown Hutch!


We are unlocking the potential of our downtown 

and we have created a master plan

to guide us into the future!

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Project Overview

What is a downtown master plan?

The Hutch Downtown Master Plan is designed to guide the growth, development, and improvement of our downtown for years to come. The master plan is our road map as we make decisions and pave the way for a vibrant downtown that captures the uniqueness of Hutchinson.

How was the plan developed?

We evaluated downtown's current state and composition

We identified downtown's biggest challenges and assets

We hosted discussions and worked together to identify Hutchinson's vision for downtown

We identified opportunities for land use improvements, economic development, and aesthetic enhancements

We fleshed out recommendations and action items that equip Hutchinson to achieve the vision for downtown

Plan Development

What does the Plan recommend?

The Downtown Hutch Master Plan provides a series of recommendations for the future of Downtown Hutchinson, sub-divided by topic area. Follow the links below to view the full sections of the Plan.

Plan Recommendations
The Action Plan

What steps do we need to take next?

Now that the Plan is complete, we need to begin taking action!

The Action Plan is our roadmap to success, and we should seek to implement the projects, programs, policies, partnerships, and other efforts as described in this section of the Plan. It is critical that we work together to bring the Master Plan to life.

The Action Plan is linked below. Actions described are supplemented with information related to the action type, strategies that are supported by the action, ownership and partners in the process, estimated time frame, and estimated cost impact.

The Action Plan

How was the community involved?

Your input was collected throughout 2023 and it was critical in this planning process.


Thank you to those who participated in the downtown visioning workshop, the online public survey, the public open houses, the planning and design charrette, the digital open houses, and other community engagement opportunities.

You have shaped the vision and plan for Downtown Hutch!

What other documentation supports this Plan?

Significant research, data collection, and analysis has gone into the development of this Plan, including existing conditions analysis, public engagement, evaluation of previous planning efforts, and an economic and market analysis. Supporting documentation is linked below, for your information.



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